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Whoogle Search

Currently, sending search queries through Tor is disabled due to resource limitations.

A privacy-respecting metasearch engine written in Python, which gives you Google search results but without ads, AMP and other types of tracking.
It does not use official Google APIs, meaning on Google's side it looks like a single client (in this case, my server) is searching every query given to Whoogle. Since my host is quite small, this still makes it quite easy to deanonimize a client (you!).
My advice is to use Farside which is a service that redirects queries to public instances of privacy-respecting alternative services, basically decentralizing your search history.


Nitter is an alternative front-end for Twitter. It doesn't have ads and Javascript. The site loads much faster than Twitter.
Of course, you can't log in, so you can not follow accounts either. Only a search bar for now.
Because of its small feature set, I don't see any big privacy concerns with the service, but I would recommend to install LibRedirect (fork of the unmaintained Privacy Redirect), so every Twitter link redirects instead to a public Nitter instance.


A private Reddit front-end written in Rust; without ads, tracking cookies and Javascript.
Due to it not using any Javascript (except optionally HLS), it loads very fast. You can even follow users and subscribe to subreddits via locally stored browser cookies.